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Peloponnese, the southest part of mainland Greece, enjoys summer and invites you to enjoy it too, with all your senses from early April until late October.

Swimming in crystalline seas, endless hours of relaxation on exotic beaches and secret coves. Walking through archaeological sites and paths that gaze out at the sea, tavernas on the waterfront, gorges with spring water, green paths and amazing nature all over it.

Peloponnese welcomes everyone!

The blue sea, the exotic beaches, the bright Aegean light, the hospitable locals, the unique architecture and the culture make Peloponnese an ideal holiday location.

It is a region drenched in sunlight, living by the sea year round!

Peloponnese is consisted of 7 regions, namely Achaia, Corinthia, Arkadia, Argolida, Lakonia, Messinia and Hleia.

 in the region of Achaia, is the most famous port and the place that most people confront when they make their first step in Greece, arriving by boat from Italy. Near Patra, Kalavryta is a mountainous place for all seasons. The Ski Centre is a paradise of winter sports. Monuments of nature is the gorge of Vouraikos River with its unique cog railway, the Waters of the Styx, the special kind of Cave of the Lakes castles, sources of Aroanios and LadonLake Ladon and Lake Tsivlou.

The famous city of Corinth  from the Ancient Times is the capital of Corinthia, where you can enjoy of course plenty of Archeological sites and the Archeological museum. Being in the most nothern part of Peloponnese it makes it an ideal place for hiking or biking around beautiful and colorful lakes and mountains. For those that love adrenaline, they can try themselves on the canal of Corinth, by jumping into water from the bridge which is 78m long.

 is the most mountainous destination of Peloponnese, as it is at the center of Peloponnese and it is surrounded my two main mountains, Mainalon and Parnona. In this region you can find beautiful small villages on the mountains where you can also buy local products, such as tsipouro (spirit made out of grapes) or magkoures (wooden sticks that local people use for walking around the mountains). One of the most beautiful experiences is rafting through Lousios Gorge.

 is the region that accommodates the famous to everyone Theater of Epidaurus, the Mycenae and the beautiful city of Nafplio, which is the former capital of Greece.

 is in the southest part of Peloponnese and thus it offers sunny days almost all year round. It is a region with plenty of history and countless beautiful beaches. The castle of Monemvasia is definetly the place that you have to visit to enjoy the most romantic scenery and to travel back in time. One of the best sandy beaches in Greece is only some kilometers away and you can reach it by boat within 15 minutes from shore. Simos beach in Elafonissos will sure take your breath away. The Penninsula of Mani with the plethora of hidden beaches and the primitive small villages along with the Byzantine city of Mystras with the wonderful view are also other unique treaures of this region. Mountain Taygetos offer a big amount of trails for hiking, mountain bike or moto cross and jeeping.

 is at the southwest part of Peloponnese and it has similar climate as Laconia. The capital of Messinia is Kalamata which gives her name to the famous greek table olives “Kalamata”. It is the only region of Peloponnese that has an airport. The very-well preserved archeological park of Ancient Messini, the hidden paradise of Polylimnio, the impressive beach of Voidokoilia, the historical cities of Methoni and Koroni are only a small list of what you will meet in Messinia.

The birth city of Olympic Games can be found in the region of Hleia. Who wouldn’t like to feel the atmosphere of the ancient Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia? Moreover, in this region you can find the only greek river with a feminine name, Neda river, which offers a magical hiking experience and swimming under the waterfalls. The unique Foloi forest, is a hidden secret of Peloponnese. It is consisted of 5.000.000 trees from 20 to 40 meters high. The forest in named after the centaur Folo, who lived there and was a close friend of Hercules. Its paths are easy and flat and thus it is ideal for hiking or biking.

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