day 9 diros caves mani region

Daytrip to Mani and the caves of Diros. (127 km roundtrip)

Diros Caves have been described as the most impressive limnetic caves of the whole world. It is important to visit them early in the morning because later it gets really crowded.

If you choose to visit only the caves you can use the local bus to access the caves.

Nevertheless we suggest you make the whole tour of the Mani Peninsula and wonder around the picturesque villages and meets the local people and their everyday life. In Tainaron you will be surprised by the beauty of the place and the vastness of the deep blue sea as you will be found at the southest part of coastal Europe.

The best way to see everything is to go through Areopolis and return from Kotronas. Like this you make a roundtour and you have access to more villages and beaches.

Return at camping Gythion Bay and overnight.

  • Tip: Since you are in Mani you have to visit Limeni, which is a small port near Areopolis with amazing green-blue water. It is ideal place for snorkelling or speargun and for eating fresh fish or spaghetti with lobster.