In Kyllini the thermal baths are considered to be one of the oldest, most complete and modern baths of Europe.

Today perhaps the most cutting edge hydrotherapy and spa centre in the European Union is in operation there.

The spa is only open during the summer from 1 June to 30 October every year and is ideal for treating conditions such as:

  • bronchial and allergic asthma (inhalation therapy)
  • allergic rhinitis – sinusitis (nasal rinses – nasal inhalation)
  • rheumatic arthritis (baths – hamam)

At the spa’s facilities and at the old Roman baths, patients and users of the facilities with skin or arthritic conditions are rubbed with mud from a sulphur-rich spring to treat their condition.

GPS coordinates: Ν 37.8594422, Ε 21.1151241