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There are only two rivers with a female name in Greece.

One of them, from the age of “Pafsanias” and older, separates Hleia form Messinia. It is called Neda river.

Its fountain is located at the mountainous area on the border of two counties (very close to Andritsena) and after a 32 kilometers of a wonderful journey it ends at the bay of “Elaia” at Kyparissiakos. The canyon of Neda is accessible during the summer months and is a truly magical journey for all nature lovers.

The hiking can start from two spots, either from Elis near Figalia and Epicurean Apollo or Messinia near the villages Sidirokastro and Avlona. The ride is magical as framed by olive trees, fig trees, wild oak trees and kermes oak.

For the adventurous ones, there is a great route which requires walking and swimming in the waters of the river.

For the less-fit there is a smaller hiking path. Both get through the two small waterfalls of Neda and end on the third big waterfall which forms a beautiful natural laggon.

Whichever route you have chosen, a dip in the icy waters of the laggon under the big waterfall, is a unique pleasure after the fatigue of the hiking. I do not know how paradise looks, however when i reach the large waterfall of Neda i can only compare it to paradise.

If you are travelling with a camper you have to leave the camper at the square of the village “Platania” and hike for 3km.

Source: http://alternatrips.gr

GPS coordinates: N 37.5126377, E21.5739926

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