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The port of Gythio is rich in fish taverns, beautiful old Turkish style houses and a bustling waterfront, which is the town’s center of gravity. There are long sandy beaches nearby. Marathonisi, which used to be an island but is now connected, is supposedly where Paris spent the night with Helen when he first abducted her from King Menelaous of Sparta. There is an ancient acropolis and a small museum in the town hall. Most people use Gythio as their base when they travel around south Peloponnese.

At the long beach of Mavrovouni beach, which is the beach of Gythion, it is an ideal place for wind and kite surf. Before twelve o’clock the sea is calm and everyone can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water, but usually after 12.00 the sea is granted to those who love the extreme sea sports. The show is amazing!

The sea and the beach are very clean and this is why the sea-turtles caretta caretta choose this place to lay their eggs in early July. If you are lucky you can see a mature sea-turtle come out of the water to build her nest early in the summer or her babies that are born one month later.

In Mavrovouni beach you will find a very well organised with modern facilities camping, namely Camping Gythion Bay.

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