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Kosmas is a mountainous village in Arkadia near Leonidio. It is built at 1119 m height. in a scenery full of green, a lot of small rivers and a forest of fir trees. It has been characterized as a traditional settlement due to the fact that it has retained its image and its local character.

The central square of the village is covered with 7 terrific platans planted in 1883. At the center of the square dominates the Church of Agioi Anargyroi.

Behind the stone-built church there are three traditional fountains, the “Lions” that constantly spill the waters from the abundant springs in the area. The taverns and cafes of Plateia offer high quality services at very low prices. Do not forget to try boiled (emblematic and mythical dish!) And local sausages.

The houses are made of local stone from the Lagadians, Macedonians and Kosmites craftsmen and follow the local traditional architecture.

The village overlooks the Saronic Gulf and when the horizon is clear, the islands of Spetses and Hydra are visible.

The road from Leonidio to Kosma crosses the imposing gorge of the Daphonas River, passing through amazing landscapes, bridges, giant rocks and dense vegetation.

It is an excellent route but rather slow as the road is narrow and full of turns. The road passes through the famous monastery of Panagia of Elona and then goes up to Parnonas in a majestic fir-tree forest.

The road after Elona offers uninterrupted views of the southern peaks of Parnon and the mountains of Zarakas, leading to Kosmas.

The same route, through Leonidio, applies to those who come from the Northern Peloponnese.

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