Diros Caves have been described as the most impressive limnetic caves of the whole world. They consist of three different caverns: the Alepotripae, Katafygi and Vlyxada that is the only one that is open for visits.

Those caverns were first explored in 1950. The temperature in the interior area of the cavern is around 16-20o C and the water temperature is around 12ο C.

You can explore the inside of the cavern with little boats along with the boatman showing you around and giving you information about the history of the cavern. The total length of the tour is about 1.2km long on boat and 300m on foot, and the duration is about 20-25min by boat and another 5-10min by feet.

Inside the Neolithic Museum that is located beside the cavern, you can see many priceless historical findings that can be dated back in the Paleolithic period.

Diros caverns and the Neolithic museum are two of the most famous attractions for all Mani visitors.

Tip: In high season or national holidays visit the Caves of Diros early in the morning, around 9.00 o’clock as it is very crowded.